How Long Does a Cash Buyer House Sale Take? A Step-by-Step Guide

August 18, 2021

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A cash buyer house sale is an excellent choice for homeowners eager to sell their home as quickly as possible, or for homes that are not up to code. A cash sale can mean having the money you need in your pocket without having to market your home, host open houses, go through a lengthy closing, or pay a realtor his or her fees.

In many cases, a cash buyer house sale can go through closing in as quickly as one to two weeks. A lien on the property, joint owners not agreeing to the sale, a buyer not signing needed forms as quickly as possible and other such factors can delay the process.

Homeowners needing to sell a house quickly might be eager to get money as fast as they can but it’s vital that every seller work with a reputable buyer, and understand the cash sale process from start to finish. A homeowner might also consider all the pros and cons of a cash sale, so you know you’re making the best choice for your financial situation overall.

cash buyer house sale time

If you need to sell a home quickly or are considering a cash sale for any reason, note some vital information about this process including how long it usually takes and all the steps involved. You might also note some precautions about cash sales, so you know that your sale goes through easily and you avoid any risks along the way.

How Long Does It Take for a House Sale to Go Through With a Cash Buyer?

Most cash sales close in as little as one to two weeks; however, there are a number of factors that can delay this process. To better understand how long your cash sale might take, note what’s typically involved in a cash home sale and then what can delay the process.

Title search

A title search tells a potential buyer if there are any liens on the property’s title; for example, if a homeowner owes back taxes or unpaid HOA fees, the IRS or HOA can put a lien on their property. This means that those debts must be paid before the title can be transferred to another party.

A title search also tells a potential buyer of all the persons or parties whose names are on that title, or who have ownership of the property. As an example, a divorcing spouse cannot simply sell the house on their own if their spouse’s name is on the title, as the other spouse also owns that property. A title search might take only a few days or a week or more, depending on the title search company.

Proof of funds

Homeowners would do well to demand proof of funds from any cash buyer; as the phrase implies, this is proof that they have the cash on hand to purchase your home! Proof of funds can be a bank statement or statement from a private lender, whom you should contact to verify that they are legitimate and are willing to loan the funds needed to purchase your home. Obtaining proof of funds can take a day, or a week or more, depending on the buyer.


Many homeowners will opt for a cash sale if their house needs major repairs and especially if it’s not up to code and can’t pass an inspection. Mortgage lenders typically require a home to be up to code, since that house is their collateral against a mortgage loan. If the house isn’t in good repair, it cannot be sold if needed to recoup an unpaid mortgage.

looking for cash buyers for house sale

Cash buyers don’t need to satisfy a mortgage lender but they still need to inspect your home, to figure a fair buying price. This inspection is often done as quickly as possible but can delay the process if the buyer’s inspector is especially busy if the homeowner cannot accommodate them quickly, and so on.

Consulting with outside parties

Sellers especially might want to consult with an attorney or other professional, to ensure they’re getting a fair price for their home. Buyers might also want to bring in specialty inspectors; for example, if they notice signs of mold growth or foundation damage, they may prefer to have a second inspection conducted before making an offer on a home. Consulting with these outside parties can delay the process, depending on their availability.


If a buyer and seller want to negotiate the price of a home, this can also delay the process depending on those negotiations and how quickly the buyer or seller responds to counteroffers.

Is a Cash Offer Better On a House?

Whether or not it’s better to accept a cash offer on a house depends on your needs as a seller. Note some reasons why you might opt for a cash buyer rather than a traditional buyer with a mortgage, so you can determine the right choice for your situation.

Cash buyers purchase homes as-is

Rarely will mortgage lenders sign off on a loan for a home with severe damage and especially if it’s not up to local building codes. Cash buyers, however, aren’t relying on a mortgage lender so they can purchase a home no matter its overall condition; some even specialize in distressed properties that they can repair and resell for a profit.

buying a home with cash as-is

Since cash buyers aren’t reliant on mortgage lenders and buy homes as-is, you as the seller don’t need to worry about investing in costly repairs before putting your home on the market. You also don’t need to worry about an offer falling through because your home doesn’t pass inspection.

Cash buyers don’t need to qualify for a mortgage loan

Since cash buyers aren’t relying on standard mortgage lenders, they don’t need to qualify for a home loan! When you sell your house for cash, there is little to no risk of an offer falling through because the buyer cannot produce the funds offered for your home.

Selling a house for cash is typically faster than standard sales

Putting a home on the real estate market and searching for a traditional buyer can mean not selling that house for months, if not even years. Selling a house the traditional way means having to market your property through several channels, hosting open houses or individual tours, negotiating with potential buyers, and going through a long escrow while a buyer sells their own home.

Most cash buyers, however, are not looking to purchase homes for their own occupation but are quick to buy a property they can fix up and resell or use as a rental. You won’t need to host several tours of your home, worry about incessant counteroffers and negotiations, or wait for them to sell their own home before they close! In turn, you can have money for your house within weeks when dealing with a cash buyer.

You have fewer costs when selling a home for cash

money for cash house sales

Selling your home on the real estate market often involves agent fees and commissions, as well as repair costs for bringing your home up to code or just updating it so that it’s appealing to more buyers. When you sell your house to a cash buyer, you don’t need to pay an agent or costs for marketing, updates, and the like.

You’re less likely to lose a cash offer sale

Cash buyers don’t need to worry about mortgage loans, as said, and are accustomed to purchasing homes needing repairs and updates. In turn, you are less likely to see an offer fall through because the buyer couldn’t obtain a loan, found needed repairs or other issues with the home, or has decided to purchase some other property.

There is usually less stress with cash sales

Because of all these advantages to cash for home sales, the process is often far less stressful for the seller! As a homeowner, you don’t need to research what homebuyers are looking for today or how your house compares to others on the market, or worry if the deal might fall through because of the buyer losing a loan offer, and the like.

family selling house for cash

A potentially quicker sale can also mean avoiding foreclosure, not having to pay property taxes and insurance, liquidating a portfolio for divorce or after a death in the family, having money to pay urgent expenses, and so on. Not only will your cash sale mean less stress throughout the home selling process but it can also alleviate the stress you might be experiencing due to a divorce, financial challenges, and other issues.  

The Likelihood That a Cash Buyer House Sale Falls Through

A cash offer is usually less likely to fall through than other home sales, but this doesn’t mean that a cash offer is fully guaranteed! In many cases, a deal falls through because the seller did not disclose liens on the property or they do not have a clear title, meaning someone else has ownership of the property.

While most cash buyers specialize in distressed properties, a buyer might also find something significantly wrong with the home or land that would make them withdraw their offer. This might include excessive mold, asbestos, foundation damage, infestation, and the like.

To help avoid the risk of a cash offer falling through, ensure you’re honest with buyers about the property including liens or joint ownership. Also, never assume the sale is a “done deal” until you have the money from your property in your hands!

Do Cash Buyers Have an Advantage?

Cash buyers have the advantage of not needing a mortgage loan, so they don’t need to worry about being denied that loan even for a home needing major repair work. Sellers who work with cash buyers might also be willing to lower the price, or expect lower bids, in exchange for cash.

Since cash buyers do not need mortgage loans, they can also close on a home much more quickly! There are no delays during a cash sale while a mortgage lender reviews the buyer’s loan application, the home inspection report, and so on. Buyers and sellers also don’t need to go through real estate agents during the selling process, which also means fewer potential delays.

The Closing Costs with Cash Buyer House Sale

There are typically closing costs with any home sale, whether the buyer is using cash or needs a mortgage loan. These costs might include:

  • Appraisals, inspections, and land surveys, to ensure a buyer knows the boundaries of the property and its overall condition.
  • Title searches and title insurance protect the buyer in case there are additional owners of the property; a title search notes all owners listed on the title and title insurance protects the buyer if there should be claims on that title.
  • Notary, attorney, and other legal professionals might be needed during the closing, to ensure all paperwork is in order.

The Price of a Cash Buyer House Sale

making money from cash home sale

Cash buyers might expect to pay less for a home than buyers with mortgage loans; one reason for this is that cash buyers are often looking to flip that property or resell it for profit. In turn, they want to pay as little as possible for that house, to maximize their profits!

Since buyers with mortgage loans are usually looking to live in the home they buy, they are often willing to pay more for its purchase. Also, buyers who want to occupy a home after a sale typically prefer it to be in “turnkey” condition, meaning they simply need to turn the key and move in, without having to schedule lots of repairs and updates.

However, this doesn’t mean that you will receive significantly less money from a cash buyer than you would a traditional buyer. Cash buyers know that homeowners expect and need a fair price for their homes and that there might be other cash buying companies in the area.

Just like traditional buyers know that they can be outbid or have an offer refused simply because it’s too low, cash buyers also want to outdo their competition and not lose a potential sale. In turn, you might receive less money when you accept cash but should still receive a fair compensation for your property from a cash buyer.

St. Petersburg Home Buyers is proud to offer this information about cash buyer house sales to our readers and hopefully you found it helpful! If you’re in the area and are looking to sell your house for cash, fast, be sure to call our St. Petersburg cash home buying contractors. We offer fast closings and fair prices for every home! For more information, give us a call today.

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