Check Out Our FAQs and Then Call to Sell Your House for Cash in St. Petersburg!

What Types of Houses Do We Buy?

St. Petersburg Home Buyers buys a wide variety of houses, including distressed and underwater properties. We even buy homes not up to local building codes!

Our buyers make quick work of inspecting every property and preparing a fair offer. To see if your house qualifies for a cash purchase, call us today.

Homes needing repairs or updates
Properties underwater on a mortgage
Fast estate sales and settlements
Never have a buyer’s offer fall through
Get cash in your hands in as little as 7 days
No need for repairs or updates before a sale!

What Are The Benefits of Selling a House For Cash?

Selling a house for cash means not having offers fall through because a buyer couldn’t get a mortgage! You can also have your money in as little as 7 days after accepting an offer.

Cash buying also allows you to settle an estate quickly. To find out more about the benefits of cash offers, give us a call.

Who Buys Houses For Cash?

Cash home buyers often buy distressed properties they can repair and update, and then resell. Some buyers also keep the property after repairs, for use as a rental or income property.

Investors wanting to increase their real estate portfolio also buy houses for cash. To get your fast cash offer, contact us right now!

Local investors with a real estate portfolio
Property flippers who repair and resell homes
Landlords looking for new rental properties
Do your homework about a company
Read all paperwork and offers carefully
Walk away from an offer that doesn’t feel right!

How to Avoid Cash for Houses Scams?

Most cash home buyers are completely legitimate. However, to avoid potential scams, ensure you read all offers and other paperwork carefully before signing!

Also, research the company online, checking local reviews. Check for complaints at your local Better Business Bureau as well. This will ensure you choose the right buyer for your property!

Why Do Houses Sell for “Cash Only”?

Mortgage companies often don’t provide loans for houses in disrepair and especially those with structural or foundation damage. A cash offer then means not having to make repairs before selling.

Some sellers might want to sell a house quickly, to settle an estate or divorce decree. Other sellers might need cash fast, to pay bills or for other immediate expenses!

Homes in disrepair and not up to code
Get rid of a property you don’t need, fast!
Have cash in your hands in as little as 7 days
Have your mortgage and deed paperwork available
Make the property as presentable as possible
Prepare for a full property inspection

What Sells a House Fast?

To ensure a fast sale for your home, have your ownership papers readily available, if possible. Perform any repairs you can manage, and prepare for a full property inspection.

It’s also good to write down any questions you have so you can get them answered during the inspection or initial appointment. These simple steps help ensure a fast, smooth buying process!

Call Us to Sell Your House Fast in St. Petersburg and Get the Cash You Need, Now!

If you want to sell a house fast in St. Petersburg and get the cash you need, turn to the most trusted name in the home buying industry, St. Petersburg Home Buyers! Call us at (727) 349-1159
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